Checking zOOm Club

club nesty
Since a long time I'm not frequently clubbing cause different reasons. This weekend the brother of my wife did visit us and asked whats going on in the evening. I'm not following any nightlife magazine, so I did search half an hour for anything interesting. I was really surprised, that there was a club only 5 minutes away on foot. No sucking search for a park place or going by public transportations.

We did reach the club short before 24 o'clock, this saves 20 percent of entrance. Like expected it was almost empty. It took 30 minutes and we was asked, if we have drugs to deal. Hmm ... are we looking like drug dealer? This was realy shocking us! We also noticed some people, which seems druged^Wdrunken^Wremote-controlled. The drinks seems also a bit overpriced in my eyes .. but maybe the reason is, that I was only 5 times clubbing in the last 4 years and the things are changing. :-)

Lets come to the good news ... The quality of sound setup was really neat. It was well amplify which prevents sudden deafness, but the bassline was luscious.

zOOm club

The age average was only 3-4 years below my age, which was wondering me a bit, cause I'm reaching the 30th in short.
The music style this evening I would call 'progressive hardhouse', but this maybe not the general style, cause this event seems to be special one, called Club Nasty.
In front of the club is a doner kebab booth where you can get some Turkish food and some other snacks when your batteries are low. That's great!
In summation, I think I will come back, when my timeline give me a slot and a good event will take place.