Beside (co-)maintaining and backporting a small number of packages (see below) for Debian, I’m also part of the Debian Nagios Maintainer Group and worked together with Debian PHP Maintainers and Alexander Wirt on php-suhosin. As part of this work I'm also involved into The Debian Monitoring Project

A detailed overview you can find on my Debian Packages overview at qado or at the Debian Contributors list!

Daniel Baumann was so kind to review and upload the most of my packages, while I wasn’t able todo it for my own. He did even help me to understand how to create smart(er) packages and many other essential procedures inside the project.

Hopefully I can give some contribution back to Debian (and it’s users), where I did benefit on my daily work in the last decade.

Most of my work inside the Debian project is a result of my personal, employer and/or customer needs. For example I was working to get PHP5 with imap and pspell support shipped with etch.


I'm maintaining some backports for Debian GNU/Linux which are provided by

Cyconet Debian Package Repository

I've also created some Debian packages I want to share with the public but (for some reasons) don't want to commit to support in the official Debian context. Those packages can be found in my own package Repository at

Monitoring Plugins

While working on the Debian package of Monitoring Plugins for some time I joined the upstream development team at some point. The development can be followed on Github.

Various Software Projects

Some of my projects I'm working on can be found on Github.


HTTP- & FTP-Mirror for the IRC client KVIrc on
Donating hardware, hosting and maintaining of the SVN Server
Design and PHP-scripting of the project website which can be found on the Web Archive.

Our web home .. to state … we are alive! :-)

Our domain for running Software related projects.