Installing an AVM Fritz!Card 2.0

At first ... put the Card in! :-)
Next I installed the following packages and all required dependencies:

# aptitude install capiutils isdnactivecards \
	isdnlog isdnlog-data isdnutils-base libcapi20-2

Now I got the source of the module from AVM and did compile/install the stuff with:

# make clean
# make
# make install
# depmod -a

Edit the /etc/isdn/capi.conf and uncomment the line with fcpci

With running discover you need to check /etc/discover.d/capiutils, maybe you need to disable loading hisax:

# echo "skip hisax" >> /etc/discover.d/capiutils
# echo "skip hisax_fcpcipnp" >> /etc/discover.d/capiutils

Now we need to get rid of actual loaded hisax modules and reload capi (as alternative just reboot):

# /etc/init.d/isdnutils stop
# rmmod hisax_fcpcipnp hisax_isac crc_ccitt hisax
# capiinit reload

Running capiinfo you should got some output like that:

  Number of Controllers : 1
  Controller 1:
  Manufacturer: AVM GmbH
  CAPI Version: 2.0
  Manufacturer Version: 3.101-02  (49.18)
  Serial Number: 1000001
  BChannels: 2

To be fine with isdnlog you need todo:

# echo "capidrv" >> /etc/modules && modprobe /etc/modules 
# touch /etc/isdn/noconfig && /etc/init.d/isdnutils restart