Playing around with the Switch and VLans on openwrt experimental branch

Since my job and my family keeps me busy there isn't much time left for playing around.
This week I scheduled some couple of hours for investigating the development of the experimental branch.

A nice feature is the jffs2 filesystem, which allows you to write on the complete disc. More informations of the advantages and disadvantages can be found in the wiki.
After setting up I thought it would be nice to split the switch into four separated interfaces, which allows you to use five ethernet interfaces.
At first I did read about the Normal Behavior of the Ethernet Switch. So I decided to set some nvram values:

# nvram set vlan0ports=0 5*
# nvram set vlan0hwname=et0
# nvram set vlan1ports=1 5*
# nvram set vlan1hwname=et0
# nvram set vlan2ports=2 5*
# nvram set vlan2hwname=et0
# nvram set vlan3ports=3 5*
# nvram set vlan3hwname=et0
# nvram set vlan4ports=4 5*
# nvram set vlan4hwname=et0
# nvram commit

Fine ... now you only need bind the vlan interfaces to the ports of the interface and bring them up like this:

# vconfig add eth0 2
# vconfig add eth0 3
# vconfig add eth0 4
# ifconfig vlan2 192.168.x.y netmask 255.255.255.x up

In the end you can split the wifi and the lan interface like described in Sample network configurations. If you have all done correct, you will have five ethernet interfaces and one wireless interface.