Tweaking my FRITZ!Box Fon

Okay ... the first step was done by getting the box a ip and starting telnetd. But this cant be all. :)

So i was searching a bit around .. with the standard codec used for voip, the upload was round about 85-90 KBit/s, so its tamped. If there is started a other upload, its getting shaped and if the shaping isn't working well, my telephone session gets fucked.

The solution maybe using G.726-32 as primary Codec which need around 45 KBit/s:

So you need changing /var/flash/voip.cfg with

# nvi /var/flash/voip.cfg

audiocodecs = "G726-32", "PCMA", "PCMU", "G726-40", "G726-24";

You also need to add this lines to /var/flash/debug.cfg

killall voipd
sleep 3
voipd -i 0

I also added this line into /var/flash/debug.cfg to start remote syslogging:

/sbin/syslogd -R IPSyslogserver

Sucking too is the fact, that time/date isnt correct after reboot. This will be fixed on first successful ISDN call, but this will never happen, when you aren't using ISDN.