Installing Debian/sarge on a SunFire 280R (with daily bootimage)


At first, you need a running tftp server and a rarp daemon to boot the installer on the box.

# apt-get install rarpd atftpd
# nano /etc/ethers

Put IP and MAC into /etc/ethers file:



# cd /tftpboot
# wget

That the correct bootimage for the box can be found by tftpd, you need to make a symbolic link.

# ln -s boot.img 0A000002

The name is simply a conjunction of hexadecimal representation of IP address
assigned to the destination machine:
| | | |
0A | | |
00 | |
00 |
02 ==> 0A000002

You may also make restriction to which interface the rarpd should be bound in /etc/init.d/rarpd.
If so you need to restart the rarpd:

# /etc/init.d/rarpd restart


Connect the serial port A of the SunFire to another serial port on a second box. Start minicom there, configure your serialport , disable the flowcontrol and use 9600 8N1 settings.

Now you can poweron the SunFire and send them a break signal with .
You have entered the OpenPROM prompt with signaling "ok".

Start netboot with:

boot net debconf/priority=low

Now you should get this screen. Immediately after the box got his IP it will start the tftp transfer of the boot image and boot from:

  Boot device: /pci@1f,0/network@c,1  File and args: debconf/priority=low
  Timeout waiting for ARP/RARP packet...
  Timeout waiting for ARP/RARP packet...

Now you can make all your install setting ... after severals questions and settings, you can choose, what you wonna install ... stable, testing or unstable.
I used 2.4 as kernel and the box is running very well til now. :)

Enjoy your life with running Debian sarge on SunFire 280R!