WRTSL54GS debridged

Okay ... we got the serial port running (same like WRT54GS), so we could be more risky. After some tries I decided to work analog the WRT54G models.

Successfull was the following modifications to factory (linksys) defaults:

nvram set vlan0ports="0 1 2 5*"
nvram set vlan1ports="4 5*"
nvram set vlan0hwname="et0"
nvram set vlan2ports="3 5"
nvram set vlan2hwname="et0"
nvram set dmz_ifname="vlan2"
nvram set lan_ifname="br0"
nvram set lan_ifnames="vlan0"
nvram set wan_ifname="ppp0"

Now the door is open to extend the functionality of the openwrt router

# df
Filesystem           1k-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/root                 7296      3420      3876  47% /
none                     15276        36     15240   0% /tmp

Hrhrhrhr ... :-) Disassemble photo can be found here