Debian Week

Since I was building already a couple packages for bpo I was thinking, it may a good idea to start packaging some of my most common tools for Debian GNU/Linux.

You may think its bad timing, but better late than never!

So I startet with irrtoolset, but its a License mess. Daniel, my sponsor, and me need some more hours to work on. The next try was arpalert, which we did need to discover some dhcp issues. DNS flood detector is used for monitoring dns server abusement and ps-watcher for monitoring that daemons are running by me. With asused you can check your registry's allocations usage. The last one for now is php5-tidy, which provides tidy functions to php.

All of them are already uploaded into NEW (of course except irrtoolset). But what I didn't expected, arpalert was uploaded on 5 Nov 2006 16:20:14 +0100 (CET) into unstable (-;

Another package in the queue is php-suhosin, but mbstrings header are missing in php5-dev (see #391368), but it is fixed with 5.2.0 and I provided a working patch for 5.1.6. So now we are waiting for fixed packages and hoping php-suhosin will make it into etch.

What a great Debian Week. Isn't it? :-) See also here

Some great stuff after the consequences of Power Disruption of the weekend.