last weekend on CLT

Reduced the work queue after the nice weekend on CLT, I have some time to write a summary. After 2 years I was able to be there again, cause I blocked the weekend early in my timetable.

The event was organized quite well like it was all the time before. We stayed over night in a gym with round about 100 men and 5 women, really interesting, no more details! :)
The CLT was visited really good and there was many folks at debian booth. The range of questions did vary from rookie to advanced. Anyways ... the question when etch will be released did hit us quite often.

The talks I visited was really good and very interesting. I did count 6 talks and one workshop held by debian folks.
The social event was a lot of fun and the buffet was nice. Debian scrounged, supported by team(ix) folks, at the game ... the task was, to find linux commands in a text. We got place one, tree and the consolation prize. We found more commands than the organization committee, but we missed "ssh" .. what a blame ... ;)

In summary I meet really interesting people, the event was quite well and I got too less sleep. Hopefully see you again there next year.