Got Hardware Donation

Last weekend I got a hardware donation from muempf. It's a new 1U server with the following specs:

Supermicro P8SCi Systemboard
Intel P4 3.00GHz
2x 512 MB DDR2 533MHz unbuffered ECC Systemmemory
2x 160 GB SATA disk (ST3160812AS)
2x GE Networkcard (BCM95721)
Console Redirection

I ordered additional 2x 1024 MB DDR2 533MHz modules and replaced an old server with this new system.
The system was installed on a Software Raid(1). The system migration was smooth, except problems getting the NICs up and running. They was recognized as eth2 and eth3 (10 MBit and no link). After hours searching around, I was guessing the problem is anywhere related to udev. Daniel told me to wipe '/etc/udev/rules.d/z25_persistent-net.rules' nearly at the same time I saw, this was the only file with different size in '/etc/udev/' compared to a working (etch) system on this hardware. Removing the file did the trick.

As the system is running now very well, sincere thanks are given to muempf!