New Wordpress (2.2.0) etch-backport

I did rebuild the brand new version of wordpress for etch. New user requests and etch-bpo stated:

  • Is the backport neccessary? I don't think we should upload packages to bpo
    simply because we can do it if you can install the package directly from
    testing without any recompilation we shouldn't add it to bpo. Pinning

So I'm not allowed to upload it to, but I did upload it to my repro, like the following other packages:

  • backuppc
  • collectd (from experimental)
  • fuzzyocr3 (from experimental)
  • gallery2
  • libfile-rsyncp-perl
  • php-suhosin
  • xen-shell

You can download it by using the following line in sources.list:

deb etch-backports main non-free contrib