Package updates and others

Since some weeks I'm really busy, private and at work. It's going into the end of the year and everybody is in hurry. There seems also coming some changes for our family down the road in the future, but more maybe later. Additionally one months ago Santiago Ruano Rincón did surprisingly turn up as my AM. We started fast, but I got stuck at P&P; part 1 with the License comparisons, cause actually I'm so busy at work and with my family, that I can't concentrate enough late at night, when trying to work on the papers. For example the graphviz license is completely overwhelming me. My hope in the last time was some bigger timeslots at the weekends, but they got smashed by my family and/or work issues. I hope Santiago is not getting annoyed by me and I can find hopefully some free time on holidays or in the first weeks next year.

Anyways ... Christian Perrier started a review and translation process of ipplans debconf templates by the debian-i18n contributors. The templates was in really bad conditions, most of it was copied over from gallery2 and I did know that they wasn't so good. Thanks for all your work, when the process is over I'm proud to include your really nice work.

Two other packages got updates. php-suhosin got new upstream release after months which fixes the broken perdir/.htaccess support. Unfortunately I missed the release (cause there is no announcement list and there was no watch file) unless Raphael Geissert did leave a note. I integrated the new VCS and homepage stuff also and formorer did fix some minor issues. So we can hopefully upload now (when it arrives testing) the first package to and sleep little bit better, when using PHP on stable.
nagios-plugins also got updated. Since Seanius seems really busy (like always), nobody did really took care of the package. In October it got two CVE which was solved via NMU by the testing-security team, also two new upstream releases where available. So I dropped the obsolete patches, integrated new once, did make the new shiny lintian a bit more happy, some minor fixes and queued the package to Seanius. ;)
You can expect both packages on soon. My other (comaintained) packages will get updated to latest policy and VCS/homepage guidelines in the near future. Actually I've to prioritize what to do with the left time slots. :/