10th Chemnitz Linux Days

Like Meike already told, it was a nice event, like always. IMHO it's based on the good balance of community and a small amount of business booth and of course the visitors.
This year we was apart the Sidux Project. Didn't heard about (much) before, but their slogan is Hot & Spicy! Maybe 'hot', cause it's based on Debian unstable. Hopefully you won't get tears if it's too spicy. Anyways ... if you want, you could take a look. My opinion is, this would be a good case for a Custom Debian Distribution, if there would be a requirement for it. But he.. everybody is free to do, what ever he want, if nobody else is restricted.
The talks I attended was in most cases excellent, some of them was funny ... only one of them did really suck. Desktop Virtualization ... after the talk, my question if there could anything else virtualized then the OS from Redmond, was answered with 'Unfortunately only XP' ... how lovely!