postfwd 1.10pre7c-1 in experimental

postfwd 1.10pre7c-1 has been accepted and did hit experimental yesterday.
If you using policyd-weight you might want to give it a try, since its active development stopped. If you are annoyed by too much spam, it maybe a good idea as well. Please have a look on, there is no default config provided, since the configuration depends heavily on your environment. But maybe you have a look at /usr/share/doc/postfwd/examples, there is what you expect.

If you have any comments, send a mail to the maintainer or if there are bugs I didn't spotted yet, please fill one!
In case I don't respond quit fast, maybe I'm in the delivery room or anywhere else in the hospital or something like that, so please give me some extra time.
In case there are no big issues, I plan to upload the package to unstable in a reasonable time.