nagios-plugins 1.4.13+git200906171200-1 uploaded

Today I uploaded a new nagios-plugins package to unstable. At first I thought I will wait for the next upstream release, but after the announcement to release soon, the months passed by. While we skipped the last stable release due the lenny freeze, there are a couple of bugs fixed in the latest svn snapshot and within the package itself:


  • new upstream
    • check_http doesn't enforce port (Closes: #494835)
    • check_http --onredirect=sticky follows using the same IP address
      (Closes: #502529)
    • Fixed buffer overflow in check_ntp/check_ntp_peer (Closes: #528686)
    • Fixed check_mrtg returning UNKNOWN instead of OK (Closes: #335871)
    • Fixed check_by_ssh interpretation of quotes in -C parameter
      (Closes: #425312)
    • Fixed coredump from check_nt when drive not found (Closes: #521097)
    • Removed -n option in check_smtp's help and usage output (Closes: #525307)
    • Fixed check_icmp --help output for warn and critical thresholds
      (Closes: #530553)
    • Fix potential buffer overflow in check_snmp - enforce MAX_OIDS limit
      (Closes: #460405)
  • add trailing $ to check_httpname, thanks Daniel Pocock (Closes: #524629)
  • add informations into README.Debian how to use plugins (Closes: #525168)
  • add check_nscp which uses the default port of NSClient++ (Closes: #528262)

So I thought it would be comfortable for the users to upload the svn snapshot instead to wait longer for a stable upstream release and leave the bugs unfixed or incorporate the bugfixes into latest stable release, which have to be sorted out again with the next stable release.
If there are no show stoppers, a backport will appear hopefully short before debconf at

While we are at it, yes I'm at debconf too from 23th to 31th. Hopefully see you there.