dkms rocks ... or ... how to get the Intel 82576 GBit NIC running on Lenny

We ordered a couple of the new HP DL160 G6, cause they can be equipped with a lot of RAM. Unfortunately it's always the same with HP and the brandnew ProLiant 100 series ... the driver for the NICs is missing/too old in the latest stable debian release. The DL160 G6 is shipped with a Intel 82576 GBit NIC, which isn't recognized by Lenny, see also #522922.

I installed the system with another NIC installed (not really, but this is a way it works :) and wanted to get free the PCI-X slot again. So I did backport dkms and downloaded the latest igb driver. A short look into /usr/share/doc/dkms/HOWTO.Debian did advice me the way to create the DKMS driver package. Just after a couple of minutes I did roll out the igb-dkms_2.0.6_all.deb to the target machine(s).
On the target systems I just installed dkms, the DKMS package and appropriate linux-headers and ... sim, salabim ... there was the interfaces. :)