vsftpd running on IPv4 and IPv6 simultaneous

Today I planed to move my FTP server to a new system running Debian wheezy. Usually I'm running vsftpd, so this was also the plan for the new host. As this system is dual stacked, I wanted to offer the service on IPv6 too.
On the old system I started vsftpd via xinetd, as far as I remember was vsftpd in squeeze not able to bind on the IPv4 and the IPv6. Anyways ... I didn't wanted to use any inetd system ... So I looked if there is any way to solve that.

By a quick search I found vsftpd-2.3.4-listen_ipv6.patch, which indicated that just binding to [::] will also accept IPv4 connections.

Setting the following in /etc/vsftpd.conf worked out like a charm:


I just updated #574837 so hopefully more people can benefit in the future.