Monitoring Plugins 2.3 released

While our last release has matured for quite a little time, there raised demands within our community for a new release. The development has settled this fall and @sni was already using master for a while in production, so we thought about to release. Anyway Debian Freeze is coming, let's cut a new upstream release! The last question was: Who should cut the release?

The last releases was done by @JeremyHolger, but these days everybody is short on time. Fortunately Holger has documented the whole release process very well, so I jumped on the band wagon and slipped into the release wizard role.
Surprisingly it seems I was able to fix all faults I've done in the release process (beside using the 2.2 link in the release announcement mail) and kicked the release of monitoring-plugins 2.3 successfully.

Grab the new Monitoring Plugins release while it's hot (and give the new check_curl a try)!
Hopefully monitoring-plugins 2.3 will hit Debian experimental soon.