Routing Registry Training Course and irrtoolset

Last week I passed the course, what famous news. ;-)

It is nice to know, what is needed to write ASN-, route-, aut-num objects and so on .. to autogenerate filterconfigs in theory. In the course, I got rtconfig segfaulting on the testground server. Yes .. thats good point to start. :(

This week I did modify our database objects and play around with rtconfig ... as result ... rtconfig didn't work as aspected. Many of the filterlists aren't build, cause I got many "Warning: filter matches ANY/NOT ANY". Maybe this an effect of our aut-num object, which reflects the outbound policy depending on downstream ASN with different prependings. But I'm unable to find any hints whats the real problem.
Maybe its rtconfig itself, cause I got it only running on debian/sarge with a backported package which I found there. The pkgsrc-package on NetBSD core dumped. Some investigation did unearth, that the irrtoolset depends on many old libs ... how bad!

The question which comes to my mind ... is anybody out there using irrtoolset in production??