Searching (native) IPv6 Upstream

Since we already have IPv6 upstream through IPTunnel with AS20646 for a /40 of them (native isn't possible with our router connected to them, yet) it will only be a question of time until this uplink has fixed his filters.
But the goal is to get native upstream.... at this point AS3209 comes in place.
The first request by mail was ignored. So I was searching trough our documentations (yes, we have some :-)) and found the phone number of our contact there. The guy told me, he will see what can be done.
I got the callback some days later and the news wasn't like expected. The net development department stated, that this wont be in place in the next time ... so far, so bad.

Some days later ... I got the next call ... they are interested into satisfied customer. He asked my to specify, what our goals are and what we need, after that it will come to a telephone conference. So I did write a friendly mail. :-)

Also some days later, I did remember, that on ipv6-ops mailing was a mail of one of their employee. So I decided to write him also a mail .. and what a success, this guy works in the network development department and we will have a telephone conference next week. So we will see, what comes up.. :-)

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