Music and Debian

Today I found a way to combine consuming my favorite Radio Station and using my favorite System Distribution.

On working hours and most of the time at home I'm listening to Frisky Radio, founded by Faisal Sultan. But I'm missing it the 3 hours per day, when I'm traveling between work and home town. I did realize, Frisky Radios provides podcasts, but only one per week and the download history isn't such long.

Some days later, I thought stream ripping could be nice. So I did run:

$ apt-cache search stream ripper
goobox - CD player and ripper for GNOME
kstreamripper - kde frontend for streamripper
streamripper - download online streams into audio files
tunapie - Lists audio and video streams from Shoutcast and Icecast

My decision was to use streamripper in combination with screen.
Streamripper can provide a relay server, where you can listen to and save bandwidth and decide, what should happen with already existing tracks.

This all seems very nice and I'll see how lovely it will work together with my player, which name I will not mention in this context.